Does The Longer Life Bait Kit work in fresh and saltwater?

Yes, The Longer Life Bait Kit was designed to keep all types of baitfish alive from minnows and shiners to shrimp and pinfish. We have not tested a baitfish that the Longer Life Bait Kit could not keep alive.

What Makes the Longer Life Bait Kits Unique?

The Longer Life Bait Kit is designed to turn any cooler and most containers that hold water into a live baitwell. The Longer Life Bait Kit comes with our patented Oxygen Adaptorô. The Oxygen Adaptorô fits through the drain plug of any cooler and works on most containers that you can get a hole through. It brings the air from the bottom of the cooler/container, eliminating the hose over the top and keeping your fish alive for days! Our Mega Pump runs for days on two D' batteries, runs very quiet, and is great for fresh and saltwater use. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars making your own live bait well, just get a cooler and a Longer Life Bait Kit and instantly have the best portable livewell you can use when fishing.

What are the main things to consider when keeping bait alive?

Temperature, density and airflow. Make sure the temperature of the water does not get too hot. Don't put so much bait in your livewell that they cannot move and have sufficient airflow into your live baitwell.

How long will the Mini pump run on a set of batteries?

10-19 hours depending on the quality of batteries used.

How long will the mega pump last on one set of batteries?

80-120 hours depending on the quality of batteries used.

What kind of batteries does the Mini Pump run off of?

Two AA' Batteries.

What kind of batteries does the Mega Pump run off of?

Two D' Batteries.

Will the Mega Pump break if it falls in the water?

No, our pumps are designed to last even if they get wet.

Can the 110V or 12V Pumps get wet?

NO! Please keep all of our products that run off of 12Volts or 110Volts away from water. We provide plenty of tubing so that the air pump does not have to be near the live well. In the event it does get wet quickly turn off power before going near the air pump.

Does Baitkit.com sell an air pump that plugs into the wall?

Yes, it is our very powerful Dual Air Outlet Mega Pump. It is 110 volt and comes with an air control valve so you can decide how much air you need.

How many gallons does The Longer Life Bait Kit aerate?

25 gallons; after 25 gallons you should upgrade to the Dual Outlet Mega Pump Bait Kit or the 12 volt Bait Kit.

Do you need special tubing for Longer Life Products?

No, all of our products work off of standard size aquarium tubing.

How soon does my package get shipped after I place my order?

Monday through Friday, same day shipping is provided on all orders placed before 4:00 EST so that the wait time for your purchase is very minimal.

How can I become an affiliate marketing partner?

(I need to ask Greg at E-business express about this one.

How do I become a dealer?

Submit your store information (Name, Telephone, Address and Website if applicable to ToddR@baitkits.com and we will contact you for a dealer set-up.

How long have these products been in the market?

We have been in business for 15 years and have thousands of satisfied customers.