Bait Advice

Did You Know . . . The majority of record fish have been caught with live bait:

Although artificial lures and jigs have a great appeal to many fisherman due to the ease of use, variety of styles and flashy infomercial claims; they simply do not work as effectively as live bait.

"When you are going for the big catch and you want every moment of your fishing to count... healthy live bait pays big dividends."

Most fish, although not the smartest creatures on this earth, can sense the difference between simulated motions, colors and smells that simply do not get them as interested as real healthy live bait.

The three deadly elements for bait fish are oxygen levels, water temperature and agitation, none of these single handily are the culprit of dead bait. You can have great aeration, accomplished by introducing air bubbles into your livewell or by circulating water and still end up with dead bait.

Why?? ...................................Stress!

Yes the biggest killer of bait, assuming that it has sufficient oxygen is stress! Stress is induced by the fluctuation of water temperatures as well as excessive water circulation or harsh aeration.

These three simple reasons may be common sense, however, most weekend or hobby fishers don't know these deadly conditions can be easily addressed.† If your making your own livewell and want to address these issues, the longer life bait kit solves all three.

Let's talk about the most common types of baitfish that the Longer Life Baitkit can help you keep alive to reel in the big one


Pinfish are a great baitfish. You can catch a wide variety of fish with a pinfish. Keeping pinfish alive is very easy because pinfish are very durable and can be kept in a cooler, bait bucket or your boats live baitwell. Just give them adequate air from your air pump and if your not using a cooler make sure the water does not get hot. Either freeze a 20oz. bottle of water to keep in your livewell (when it melts you will have a refreshing drink) or change the water when needed. If you are going to keep you pinfish alive for days just throw some cat food or even bread into your cooler for the pinfish to eat.


Shrimp is another baitfish that has many uses. Keeping shrimp alive is not very difficult either. Give the shrimp plenty of air to breath and of course donít let the water you are keeping them in get hot. Your bait bucket, a live bait well or a cooler with an air pump are all great and if you can put a net in the bait bucket for them to attach to and not have to swim that is even better. You can keep shrimp alive for days if you follow these simple rules.


Menhaden are great bait for everything. Also known as a shad, shiner, bunker or pogey, menhaden attracts most species of fish. Keeping menhaden alive is not as easy as other baitfish you may use. Make sure the baitfish have plenty of air from you aerator. Try and use a round drinking cooler that has insulation so the menhaden can swim in circles, not bumping corners. The insulation will keep your water temperature from rising in your live baitwell and it should make for a very happy baitfish.


Whitebait is another bait that is very universal in what it catches. Most fish like to eat whitebait so it makes a great baitfish. Some say you need to pump in fresh seawater in order to keep whitebait alive. A bilge pump is a good method and it will work but if you do not have a bilge pump system and you have converted your cooler into a live baitwell, or you have a bait bucket then like all other baitfish all whitebait need is a controlled environment of plenty of air from an aerator, cool water and you can keep whitebait alive for days.


Probably the hardest baitfish to keep alive is a shiner. They can hit the edges of a container and die. They can get hot and die. If they do not get enough air they die. What you need is a round container with insulation so the shiners can swim in circles and the water does not get too hot. Blow plenty of air into your bait bucket or livewell to keep the shiners lively in the baitwell until you get them onto your fishing hook. With plenty of air and a constant cool water temperature your shiners will stay alive for days.


A minnow is a great baitfish; you donít need a specific kind of bait bucket or livewell. Get a bait bucket put an aerator on it and you are set. Keep plenty of air flowing into your bait bucket or live baitwell, change your water or keep it cool and your minnows should live for days.