About Longer Life

When I was a young boy my Dad would take me fishing. We would lay out our tackle the night before and double check it with all the anticipation of a little boy the night before Christmas. The next day the only thing we needed was the bait, shrimp for salt water and shiners for fresh water. There was always a problem keeping our bait alive, in fact we decided it was nearly impossible to keep shiners alive. This was unfortunate because my Dad would love to fish for big bass in his hometown of Hertford, North Carolina.

As the years went by, my Dad and I continued our passion for fishing. Many times we settled for artificial bait because live bait was just too expensive to use when it would just die before we got to our favorite fishing spot.

Longer Life Headquarters

From this experience we learned, you just couldn’t catch the big one without live bait. So we went back to using live bait but this time observing the bait and studying how to keep them alive. The air pumps currently on the market were so loud it was probably scaring the fish away. My Dad also noticed when the lid was shut on the cooler or bucket, the air hose got pinched causing two things to happen. There was little or no air getting to the live bait and the water temperature in the bucket was too hot, killing the baitfish. Even if we tried to do everything right within a few hours, the batteries would die or the pump would fall in the water and stop working. Fishing with live bait became so challenging and the desire to catch the big one so enthralling that my Dad took matters into his own hands. My Dad and his friend spent two weeks inventing the best solution to keeping bait alive. The invention was shiny, made of brass and fit the drain hole of a cooler. You simply attach the fitting and plug an air pump to one end and an air stone to the other end. Because the fitting was threaded it could rotate down to any size container wall. You could use it on anything – even a plastic bag!

My Dad tested this revolutionary item on everything with gills. He tested it on shrimp, pinfish, minnows and finally the supreme test – SHINERS! All the baitfish survived! It was a miracle! Shiners lived for months as long as the water was changed every 3-5 days. This invention even kept a 10-pound bass alive. There was nothing it could not do.

Now our invention needs a name. This special pass through device requires a name that best represents its function. Thus the Oxygen Adaptor™ was born. The "o" in Adaptor was purposely spelled wrong to represent "oxygen". Next, an air pump was added to showcase how it works. The air pumps currently available were noisy, had low battery life and poorly made. We had our own air pumps manufactured to address these issues. Our goal to produce air pumps that are quiet, runs for days not hours and can withstand being dropped in water was finally realized after many prototypes tested. With the inclusion of a check valve, tubing and an air stone, we had our industry-changing product in our hands – The Longer Life Bait Kit.

The Longer Life Bait Kits eliminates putting the hose over the top of the container, which cuts off airflow. The water no longer became hot. The air pump we made runs for days so you can keep your baitfish alive for a weekend – Friday to Monday if you wish. The air pump is sealed with gaskets so if it falls in the water it will not break. And best of all – it is QUIET.

The Oxygen Adaptor™ and The Longer Life Bait Kit spawned our company – Longer Life Products with our main mission to keep bait alive. As we continue to grow and bring you more products our goal is to solve many glaring needs in the fishing industry. We started out producing products very unique to the fishermen and still are today. We continue to strive for individuality over the large brand names out there that are just concerned about the bottom line and not customer satisfaction. So please keep fishing, please use Longer Life Products when you fish, and know that we are continuously working on better ways to fish with live bait, thank you for your patronage.