Longer Life Live Well/Bait Kit -110 volt Mega Air Pump - Dual Feed Bait Kit

Longer Life Live Well/Bait Kit -110 volt Mega Air Pump - Dual Feed Bait Kit

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The Longer Life Bait Kits are an inexpensive yet very effective way to keep Live Bait or your days catch alive. The "Longer Life Bait Kit-110 Volt Mega Pump 1126" enables you to take this bait saving technology home. Unlike our other Bait Kit Products, this system is designed to work with a 110-Volt outlet. This gives the ability to keep bait alive overnight or during the weekend without using batteries. Additionally with the Dual-Feed technology the amount of water that is Oxygenated with the pump and the patented "Oxygen Adaptor" is significantly greater than battery operated pumps. Aeration can be effectively provided in up to 100 quarts of fresh or salt water. Like all of our other pump technology we use silent pumps that gently aerate the water so that your bait stays calm and alive for the longest time possible.


  • Ability to turn most any container into Aerated Live Well or Bait Well
  • All-In-One kit takes less than five minutes to assemble, no tools required
  • Dual Feed Technology Allows for multiple aeration areas
  • Most Cost Effective System for the Serious Live Bait fisherman
  • (2) Patented Oxygen Adaptor for use on most any container
  • Aerate up to 100 Quarts of Salt or Fresh Water
  • Silent Pump Technology for Fresh & Salt water
  • Air Control Valve allows for variable aeration based on type of bait
  • 110-Volt Powered, Plug it into the wall!
  • (2) Sets of Super & Mini Air Stones Included for Variable Bubble Size
  • All Parts Including Tubing and Valves are included with Kit
  • Industry Exclusive One-Year Replacement Warranty