Longer Life 301 Mini Air Pump

Longer Life 301 Mini Air Pump

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The Longer Life Mini Air Pump is our little mighty-might. The state of the art Mini-Pump is small in size yet very effective in aeration. It runs for up to 18-hours on (2) quality AA' batteries. The Mini Air Pump's silent technology allows for this to be used on any inexpensive bait bucket or container with out spooking your bait (Stress is the biggest killer of sensitive baits).

This pump has a sealed housing and an integrated waterproof on-off switch, which enables safe operation in both freshwater and saltwater. If a low price point pump is what your looking for, this is one of the best on the market.


  • Aerate up to 25 Quarts of Freshwater or Saltwater
  • Can be used as a Livewell Aerator or for Bait Bucket Aeration
  • Extremely compact size perfect for storing in a tackle box
  • Out performs other pumps in this price range in both aeration and battery life.
  • Silent and Water Resistant Pump Technology for Freshwater & Saltwater
  • Up to 18 hours of run time on (2) Quality "AA" batteries
  • Comes complete with tubing and Mini-Air stone.
  • Industry Exclusive One-Year Replacement Warranty

* Batteries Not Included