Longer Life Oxygen Adaptor

Longer Life Oxygen Adaptor

Item #: 1110

MSRP: $11.99

Our Price: $9.95


The Oxygen Adaptorô is sold seperately for people that already have a great aeration system and just need this piece to complete their system. The Oxygen Adaptorô was made to fit through the drain hole of a cooler so that the air could be pumped from the bottom of the cooler, eliminating the problems that come with placing the hose over the top of the cooler. Now the lid of a cooler can be shut so the water stays the same temperature.

Since the Oxygen Adaptorô fits through the drain hole, there is no drilling through the cooler or destroying the cooler in any way. It will also work on any container that holds water. If you can get a hole into it, you can use the Oxygen Adaptorô.