I transported my baitfish 3 hours away in the bed of my truck on a hot day. Then the Mega Pump ran for 3 days straight keeping my baitfish alive all weekend. I have never seen anything like it ever.
– Adam W., Tampa FL

I didn't have to get up every day and buy my baitfish before going fishing. I just went fishing. I think the Longer Life Bait Kit ran for 5 days straight before I changed my batteries.
– Dan B.

The best I have ever used and I have used them all.
-Mike S.

I have never seen products that solve so many problems I have when fishing. They are truly unique to anything else on the market today.
-Brett S.

I converted a cooler and a bucket both were equally good.
-Tracy A.

One of On The Water magazines top ten best new products.
-On The Water magazine

Everything I was looking for was at www.baitkit.com. I converted my cooler into a livewell, found a baitslinger to chum with and even found skin protection for my neck and ears when I spend long days out in the harsh sun.
-John C., Tampa, FL

I ordered from your site and received the bait kit in no time what so ever! I have installed the “kit” and tried it out with just water from the hose and it worked great. Now, we’ll have to see what happens with bait…..although, I’m sure it’ll be fine. The pump is incredibly quiet! Thanks again for the good costumer service and fast shipping!

I really love and depend on that thing, it keeps my shrimp and pins alive for days, and weeks if I change the water enough. -Phil C., Saint Petersburg, FL

Just wanted to let you know that this product is one of the best investments I've made in fishing gear--it worked exceptionally well and kept all my shiners lively all weekend. I already recommended it to a few anglers passing by.