Longer Life 303 Mega Air Pump

Longer Life 303 Mega Air Pump

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The Longer Life "Mega Air Pump 1117" is the next generation in quality air pumps. This is the same quality pump that we use in the Longer Life Bait Kits. It runs for up to 100 hours on (2) Quality "D" batteries.

The Mega Air Pump is powerful and quiet and features the same silent yet powerful aeration that our pumps are known for. These pumps are even sealed with a water-tight gasket as well as a sealed on/off switch so it will hold up in saltwater and freshwater. The perfect application for this pump is to keep bait alive in any kind of container. Simply hang the air-stone and tubing into a water filled container and you have instant aeration that we keep bait alive for days.

If your looking for the ultimate version of battery operated aeration also check out our Longer Life Bait Kits, which include our patented "Oxygen Adaptor" which really makes for a great Live Bait system. As for the Mega Air Pump there’s nothing like it on the water today, this pump is ready to work!


  • Aerate up to 50 Quarts of Freshwater or Saltwater
  • Can be used as a Livewell Aerator or for Bait Bucket Aeration
  • Silent and Water Resistant Pump Technology for Freshwater & Saltwater
  • Up to 100 hours of run time on (2) Quality "D" batteries
  • Comes complete with tubing and air stone
  • Makes a great back-up system for a boat or aquarium
  • Industry Exclusive One-Year Replacement Warranty

* Batteries Not Included