Longer Life Livewell/Bait Kit - Battery Operated

Longer Life Livewell/Bait Kit - Battery Operated

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Longer Life Bait Kits are a perfect way to make an effective yet inexpensive Portable Livewell or oxygenated live bait container that will keep fish and bait alive and frisky for days. With the Longer Life Bait Kit you can easily and quickly turn any watertight container into a portable livewell by using this system, which includes the patented Oxygen Adaptor. The Oxygen Adaptor fits through the drain hole in most coolers thus eliminating pinched air hose typically run over the top of the cooler.

Containers that are perfect for this application are bait buckets, five-gallon buckets and any cooler that has a drain plug. You can even turn a built in cooler on your boat to a live well within minutes. Several of the really attractive features of the "Battery Operated Bait Kit 1112" are its portability, extremely long battery life (up to five days) and silent pump technology. Unlike other pumps this one can be splashed or dropped in the water and will still keep on running.

This model will operate for up to 100 hours on (2) quality "D" batteries and if your short on batteries you can run it for a lesser amount of time with just one "D" battery. The Longer Life Bait Kit with the Patented "Oxygen Adaptor" is unlike any other live bait product in the market and will really help keep your bait alive and well for a great day of fishing.


  • Ability to turn most any container into Aerated Livewell or Bait Well
  • All Inclusive kit takes less than five minutes to assemble, no tools required
  • Patented Oxygen Adaptor for use on most containers
  • Fits Through the Drain Hole of most coolers
  • Aerate up to 50 Quarts of Fresh or Salt Water
  • Silent and Water Resistant Pump Technology for Fresh & Salt water
  • Up to 100 hours of run time on (2) Quality "D" batteries
  • Super & Mini Air Stones Included for Variable Bubble Size
  • All Parts Including Tubing and Valves are included with Kit
  • Industry Exclusive One-Year Replacement Warranty

* Batteries Not Included